Hair Treatments

Hair BTX

Price: $90 - $300 per treatment

A New Breakthrough Method of Hair Regeneration – Hair BTX

Just as your skin ages, so does your hair. It becomes thinner, limper, and more unrulier with time. We have a solution to help you press rewind. Professionals Inspired by aesthetic medicine have found a treatment that will protect your hair from cutting. The effect of filled damaged hair is just one of several advantages. Professional treatments are the salvation for damaged hair. Hair BTX is the latest hit because of rejuvenating effect. Hair is filled with the substance reinforcing its structure thanks to which it regains a healthy appearance and resistance to damage. It is designed for very damaged and porous hair, after intensive chemical treatments. The procedure rebuilds the internal structure so hair is nourished and soft and resistant to damage. The product also protects against further damage. As a result, the hair is nourished and natural.

How it works: Magic molecules promise to smooth away split ends and signs of damage. The magic formula contains molecules that seek out and attach themselves to areas of damaged keratin – the protein which makes up hair fibers. Then, according to the inventors, the molecules get extra busy by penetrating the hair shaft to seal gaps and breakages. On top of that, vitamins and glossing agents can be added to the serum at the same time, giving longer-lasting results than other conditioning treatments, which sit on top of hair strands and need to be reapplied every time the hair is washed. Guaranteed.

Frequently asked questions:

What is Hair BTX Treatment?

Hair BTX is a cosmetic hair treatment which provides intensive hydration to hair and promises to restore gloss, repair battered strands and return the lost moisture. Hair BTX is not a treatment such as keratin or other smoothing procedures that modify the wave of hair and changes its structure; on the contrary, Hair BTX serves as an alternative to repair the damage caused by chemicals. It is very important to understand that Hair BTX will not change the structure of the hair but it will improve your hair’s condition, especially reduce the frizzness.

What are the effects of Hair BTX?

The main effect of Hair BTX is the softness of hair and making it more manageable to brush and comb. And the hair is so soft that it slips through your fingers. Also, the hair will look shiny and you will notice split ends and brittle strands look healthier than before. In addition to these benefits, the Hair BTX also stimulates hair growth so it is often recommended for people who want to treating alopecia.

How long does Hair BTX lasts?

The effect of Hair BTX can last 1 to 3 months and can be lost if you continue with the same habits that damaged your hair initially. However, this treatment can be applied every month. If you are looking for a more natural way to moisturize your hair try these home remedies for dry hair.

What not to do after Hair BTX treatment?

Please do not wash your hair at least for 8 hours. As well do not dye/perm/bleach your hair as long as possible to keep the effect of Hair BTX.


Price: $200 - $500 per treatment

An innovative treatment Nanoplastia (Nanoplasty) is a hair restoration, proven by practice to be an effective method of straightening that provides healthy appearance.
The base of the product is constituted from amino acids and collagen. The products for Nanoplastia (Nanoplasty) are saturated to the maximum of beneficial substances and supplemented with harmless chemical elements that facilitate penetration into the hair and interact at the cellular level. The formulas for this procedure are rich with amino acids, which, under the action of temperature, penetrate in the cortical layer of the hair. Therefore, the structure of the hair becomes strong and the nutrients are integrated in the hair healing it from the inside.

How does it differ from keratin straightening?
Nanoplastia (Nanoplasty) is a healing procedure with the effect of straightening the hair from 70 to 90%, while keratin treatment is a special procedure that only straightens the hair. Keratin straightening will not heal the hair because its composition does not penetrate the cortex of the hair as does the composition of Nanoplastia (Nanoplasty).

Keratin (Bixyplastia)

Price: $200 - $500 per treatment

Keratin Treatment is a smoothing treatment that can fill the porosity of your hair and provide the missing protein.
Because of chemical treatments or simply with age, we lose protein which makes our hair dry, damaged and frizzy.
By repairing the outer layer of the hair fiber, keratin helps to smooth, protect, soften, strengthen and soften our hair. The keratin treatment will reduce your drying time by 50-70%.


Last up to 6 months
Smooth and straight hair
Don’t need to straight and damage your hair with a straightener
Very fast blow-dry
Easy manageable hair for up to 6 months
Can be performed on all types of chemically-treated and virgin hair (result on any type of hair around the world)
Infuses the highest quality of natural keratin deep into the damaged cuticle
Prevents environmental toxins from harming the hair
Calculate all you time and effort to manage your frizzy hair. Find your peace for up to 6 months.

After Keratin Treatment


No clips, no pins
No bands, no pony tail
No tucking behind your ear
No holding back hair with sunglasses
No swimming
No getting hair wet
If hair gets damp or bent – re-dry and flat iron your hair straight as soon as you can. Use a low heat setting on your flat iron

Use SPECIAL PRODUCT AFTER KERATIN TREATMENT at home. Keratin treatments cost a lot in your time and effort – so be smart and use the products designed to protect your investment. Any product SULFATE & SILICON FREE

The wrong ingredients in your shampoo or conditioner can UNDO your treatment

If you need to color your hair, do it before or wait 14 days after a keratin treatment before coloring

Difference between Hair BTX and Keratin
The main difference between Keratin and BTX is the result that you are looking for.
If you are looking for hair straightening, Keratin will be the best option for you. However, if you are looking for a deep treatment that will repair and smooth your hair, but not straighten them, BTX is the best option for you.
BTX works on the hair from inside and keratin from outside.
Nonetheless, Keratin treatment is primarily intended for hair straightening rather than hair repair and it is not suitable for very damaged hair. Whereas, BTX treatment is primarily intended for hair repair and rejuvenation rather than straightening and is suitable for all even very damaged hair.

Classic Keratin treatment: works on outer layer only. Straightening result: 90-100%

Bixyplastia treatment: works inside out. Straightening result: 70-90%
Nanoplasty treatment: works inside out. Straightening result: up to 100%

Long-term result, effect
Keratin changes the look of your hair, it eliminates frizz and hair become straight, silky and much more manageable.
BTX not only changes the look of the hair, they become frizz free, shiny and soft, but also works on the inside by moisturizing, regenerating and revitalizing it. As a result, you get healthier hair that are much easier to style.

How long does it last?
Keratin usually lasts up to 6 months. If you use the right products for maintenance, the results will last longer.
BTX usually lasts up to 3 months and the right products for maintenance are recommended.

Both treatments have cumulative effect. If you will repeat the treatment prior Keratin or BTX are completely washed off, the product will accumulate, and the results of the following procedure will last longer.